Goals of the Foundation

  • Promotion and support of the elderly, the sick and helpless, and also others in need, promotion of the community through sponsorships and donations, inland and abroad.
  • Forming and building of hospitals, medical facilities, retirement homes, geriatric units, day centers for citizens.
  • Receiving and donating funds for medical facilities and geriatric homes, help related to operations and medical treatment of the older and other persons.
  • Collaboration with other, similar foundations and non-profit organizations with humanitarian character, inland and abroad.
  • Donating means for projects which would encourage developments in medicine and improving the conditions in the retirement homes, as well as projects about innovations in the pharmaceutical industry for discovering new cures, inland and abroad.
  • Managing humanitarian events and seminars of public character with a clear goal of raising consciousness in the broader public about the importance of the foundations of such kind.

Other activities of the Foundation:

  • Securing funds and other means of material support through personal sources, donations etc. that are going to be used for accomplishing the main goals of the Foundations, inland and abroad;
  • Organizing cultural, artistic and educational events in order to collect donations for accomplishing the goals of the Foundation, inland and abroad.
  • Organizing seminars, educational programmes, public debates and other activities, inland and abroad;
  • With the approval of the authorities related to the activities, the Foundation issues magazines, brochures, books etc to promote the projects realized with the funds of the Foundation;
  • Mutual collaboration with public or private, governmental and non-govermental organizations and others, inland and abroad;
  • For the sake of rendering a better service, the Foundation collaborates with public and private institutions in order to realize the current and future projects through their help, inland and abroad;
  • In order to realize its goals, the Foundation can organize special evenings, meetings, exhibitions and other various activities, events and programmes to provide funds or other promotions, inland and abroad;
  • With the approval of the founder or the relevant authorities, certain means (monetary or other) can be received, as well as donations and gifts, from inland and/or abroad, related to the realization of the goals of the Foundation;
  • Collecting voluntary donations, gifts, voluntary help and other, inland and abroad.
  • Related to the activities and goals of the Foundation, certain real estates can be bought and the same can be given on a lease, other estates to be rented etc.
  • Other