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Draft concept plan for construction of a nursing home for the elderly and for development of the health tourism on the mountainside of Pelister

Regarding the possibilities that nature offers in the surrounding area of the village Nizhe Pole, below the mountain Pelister and near the entrance to the national park “Pelister”, elevated at 870 m above sea level, we encounter the therapeutic properties of the fresh, pure mountain air, which is not too sharp and possesses excellent quality regarding its influence in relation to medical conditions including cardio-vascular diseases. These facts show that the conditions for establishing medical facilities and for developing health tourism are met and there are excellent possibilities for planning and establishing a nursing home for elderly people that will have outstanding performance of its tasks in any aspect.

If we take into consideration the conditions for the construction of such two capacities, the possibilities offered by the area for municipal projects necessary for the construction of such a project, also regarding the city infrastructure, water supply, electricity, telecommunications , the rural aspect of the environment, the regional road is being prepared by the winter tourist center Strezhevo and the possibilities for building a water treatment plant, there are excellent conditions for the construction and development of health tourism in this part of Macedonia, at the foot of the national park “Pelister”.

Only ten kilometers from the planned area is the city of Bitola, which provides a great logistical support for the place itself for its natural development and the safety and conditions offered, for example, the Clinical center in Bitola, the institutions in the city and all other services offered at Bitola for the surrounding villages in the region and the border villages where there are a large number of pensioners – foreign returnees or single elderly people who need care. There are around 120,000 inhabitants in this region and the surrounding area.

The capacities planned for the implementation of this nursing home for senior citizens of higher category are planned to amount to 50-70 persons accommodated into high-quality single and double rooms, accompanied by full logistics and conditions that should be met by such nursing homes. Also, the institution will have its own restaurant, individual and auxiliary bathrooms, rest areas, recreation areas, medical personnel, doctors and other general services included in a project that is to be marked as a medium to high ranking facility for this purpose. It is planned that the projected and planned financial sum for the construction of this nursing home should be 1.500.000 Euro.

Regarding the other facility which is to be near the nursing home, it is planned for it to be a medical institution containing medical equipment that will be of great service to the inhabitants of this region, as well as in the wider vicinity. Also, this medical facility will also be useful for foreign tourists who will be able to use the services of this object, so that we have opportunities for development of health tourism that will also help develop the rural tourism in the national park “Pelister” and its surrounding area. This medical facility will be provided and equipped with specialist staff for the needs of the patients, as well as with medical and other necessary staff for its technical functioning. Of course, some of the rooms at the nursing home for the elderly will be utilized by the outpatients that are using the services of the medical facility. The planned and projected financial structure of this healthcare institution should cost around 3,000,000 Euro.

Also, near this block of buildings we plan to perform drilling (if the environment and nature allow), and extraction of thermal mineral waters from ground depths of 170 to 250 meters, which will cover an indoor and an outdoor bath with geothermal mineral water for the needs of the complex, as well as for commercial use of other clients. The pools will be of smaller size providing only usage on the part of clients.

Along with the provision of solar power generation systems, thermal waters will only be an auxiliary element for independent energy generation, which means that the complex itself will be in a certain way a self-sustaining facility, not depending on the electrical distribution system since it will have at its disposal its own, independently produced energy.

At the lot itself, on a surface of 4000 – 5000 square meters, where this facility will be set up, there will be a useful covered surface of 2500 – 3000 square meters that offer the surrounding of the forest which will additionally be incorporated in the project as a whole.

With a little reorganization, aside from the presence of the national park, we will incorporate pedestrian walking lanes, resting benches and other elements that are needed in this beautiful forest around the lot itself. What is most important for this project is the wonderful view of the Pelagonija valley and the city of Bitola, which we believe are irreplaceable and unforgettable in that aspect.

 This facility will have excellent performance.

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