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Public Announcement

The management of the Mother Shumlianska Foundation from Bitola made a decision to receive donations on the basis of previous research, analyzes and study of the elderly and sick people in the Bitola and Prespa-Pelagonia regions and wider.

Donations are given for realization, promotion and support of activities of public interest in support of the public activity in the field of social protection and care of the elderly who should represent voluntary and unconditional assistance that does not create a direct benefit for the provider nor obligation to return from recipient of the donation.

The goals of the donation and the financial resources will be used and intended for the construction of the Nursing Home, an institution that will satisfy all the norms and standards in order to fully develop the potentials of the elderly, providing quality living, socializing and organized trips, education, the dignified and secure life of the elderly.

The institution will not be a place for asylum and an orphanage, but an institution worthy of a human stay, which will provide objective conditions that will stimulate the old man to fulfill his human needs and possibilities, while the social-health function and psycho-social needs would be primary functions in the institution.

We, as a Foundation that has the goal of achieving and enabling a long-lasting and fulfilled life of the elderly, will and the opportunity to realize the appropriate levels of institutional care that will offer protection, rehabilitation, social and mental stimulation in a humane and safe environment, we are ready and open to receive voluntary financial assistance from domestic and foreign individuals and legal entities, whose actions will be in accordance with the Constitution, the laws of the Republic of Macedonia and the ratified international agreements.

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